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Windlebridge - Main Hood
Windleport - Downtown
Lake Fitz
Windle College
Servants & workers
Rest In Peace
Pet Cemetery
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Westby Lake Fitz
Westby Cottagein
Lake Fitz
Read more: Westby Lake Fitz
Fredrick Windleton
Fredrick Windleton
Sir Alaricks and Lady Isadoras son
Home: Windleton

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A village by the river Windle, surrounded by deep forests and mountains.
Where the river Windle reaches the sea, Windleport and its powerful Castle is guarding.
Windle College
Windle College
A small college town.
A city in the Far East
Snowy Hills
Snowy Hills
Snowy Hills are located in the mountains north of Windle.
Isle St Jaqcues
Isle St Jacques
In the southern hemisphere, a group of exotic islands, filled with mysteries
Lake Fitz
Lake Fitz
The Fitzroy Estate, a lush estate close to Windleport, surrounding the Lake Fitz.
Wide Ocean
Wide Ocean
Where the tall ships sail.
A blog and a site with pictures and stories from a themed Sims2 Neighborhood
Third Winter in Windle

The Future, actually in Sims 3. Yes, there are limits, but there are also great possibilities. I will now start to work on a new blog for Sims 3, and I promise, one day Windle will resurface there. This site will remain online, for inspiration and the downloads and all, but I doubt there will be more updates about Windle in its old version - I will never say never, though. I understand if this is disappointing, but I have to follow my heart and my urge to play, hehe - and that is in Sims 3, now.
I will post the link to my new blog here as soon as I have it set up. Thanks again for all kind words about Windle and all the great feedback from you all these two years.
Christianlov updated the All-In-One for AL
Very good news :D
And, I know, I am slacking with the updates, but don't give up on me.. the Windle sims live their lives, its just the documentation that is overdue.
Change of Seasons
Finally, winter is here.. (in Windle that is, IRL, thankfully, its spring :) ).
A couple of notes to make, on the change of season: Windle now has 1142 human sims, 580 men and 486 women - the big difference is a result of the students in Windle College, all male. With 130 pets to add to that, 1272 sims in total when Third Fall is over.
Of these, 441 live in the main hood, Windlebridge, a calm and flourishing rural village mainly dominated by the Windle Manor with its farm workers and the Mine. The downtown hood, Windleport, is growing - now with 335 citizens. In the future this subhood will of course be bigger in numbers than Windlebridge it self.
A second subhood, Lake Fitz, is just beginning. It has 21 sims living there for now, but will also grow. Windle College, the University Hood, has 125 inhabitants, including students and professors.
Third fall also gave a little glimps of the new subhood Wide Ocean, where a couple of islands have inhabitants, as well as the three "vacation" hoods - Snowy Hills, situated north of Windle, Yamamoto in the Far East and Isle St Jacques somewhere in the Southers Hemisphere.
In total, Windle has 145 sim households and appr. 2.285 sim days if you add them all together.
Future will see other subhoods also emerging.
Stairs of Stone - Recolors
So I needed some stone stairs, for my castles and old houses, and made some more when at it.
First, AL "Steps of Style":

Or find them on Souvenirs Page.
M&G Sweeping Stairs, bundled together both wood, stone and marble and as a special version, one with Inges black and white tiles, found here:
Pictures of some of the stairs:

For some reason I like these stairs much better when monochrome, as the annoying rail in the middle doesnt disturb as much then.

Note: there are more recolors in these bundles than shown on pics. Remove the ones you don't like or use.
Some of the floors used are Maxis, other come from Parsimonious, and yet others from Cyclonesue/Msbarrows/JSF at TSR.
Wedding in the Greenhouse
Cedrick Windleton befriended Lord Elliot Fitzroy in university, and was happy to take up on his offer to move to Lake Fitz and organize the farming on the large estate. He lived in one of the wings of the estate. Now he just needed a wife!
Cedrick Courting
Guests Arriving
Guests arriving for the wedding.
Caroline was from a good family, but without money. Marrying a younger son in the Windleton family was a good catch for her. She had great ambitions for them both.
The Ceremony
It was a beautiful autumn wedding in the Greenhouse at the Fitzroy estate.
The Bride


Both the Lennox and the Windleton families attended. The young couple was so beautiful.

The hosts, Lady and Lord Fitzroy, were thrilled to arrange the wedding. They loved all sorts of social events.

The Kiss

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