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A blog and a site with pictures and stories from a themed Sims2 Neighborhood
The Windle Herald Lake Fitz
Lake Fitz
Lake Fitz is a lush and prosperous Estate, situated nearby Windleport, surrounding the clear and beautiful Lake Fitz. The main building is the Fitzroy Estate, with adjacent West and East Wing buildings. From the main building, on a clear day, you can see the little village on the other side of the lake, with the old church and little cottages. Lake Fitz is smaller than Windlebridge, but is a very charming place to visit. Being so close to Windleport, the possibilities to develope this property in the future are endless.
The Windle Herald
Prisoner Escaped
The shocking news that the notorious pirate, Tobie One-Eye, escaped his prison in the High Tower of Windleport, upset many sims in Windle. Tobie has a long history of pirating and other crimes on the Wide Sea, and after being sentenced to death he has been imprisoned in Windleport. Now he has mysteriously escaped, and disappeared.

Lady Ingrid Pleased With New Sons In Law
The Windle Herald had the opportunity to talk to Lady Ingrid, - as usual spending time in the Castle Park and Gardens - after the stressful time of three weddings in a short time. The brides, the young beautiful daughters Lennox, are now all married and have moved away from the Castle.
We asked Lady Ingrid if the Castle doesn't feel empty now? The young son, Lord Ingvar, is also away studying at Windle College.
- I have the company of my dear friends and all the birds and other pets here at the castle.. I am never lonely, answers Lady Ingrid with a somewhat sad smile. Lady Isabella is also close, in Palace Villiers, and does visit almost every day. Lady Inessa is not far away in Lake Fitz - I was just visiting the beautiful Estate. And Lady Isadora, even if she is now living in Windlebridge on Windle Manor, is not far away either. They all gave birth to their first born children and I am a proud grand mother!
- I am pleased with their husbands. So handsome and clever young men. Now, soon its time for my son to marry too! Lets see what bride we will find for him.. I can't wait to have a new generation of Lennox children in the Castle!

Tragic Fire At Windle College
Fire has destroyed two faculties at Windle College. The fire started in St Lawrence Agricultural Faculty, and spread to St Vincent Holy Seminar. Four students were killed and many more were injured.
What caused the fire is not known, but a failing stove is suspected to be the starting point.
The College will rebuild the destroyed faculties, and even add two more.
"We mourn the dead but try to look forward" said the College Chancellor in a remembrance speech after the fire.
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Sheldon Cottage
Sheldon Cottage
Sheldon Lake Fitz
Westby Lake Fitz
Westby Cottage
Westby Lake Fitz
Lake Fitz Village Square
Lake Fitz Village Square
The heart of Lake Fitz Village. 5 rentable cottages.
East Wing - Fitzroy Manor
Fitzroy Estate - West Wing
East Wing of Fitzroy Manor
Windleton in Lake Fitz
Main Building
Fitzroy Estate - Main Building
The main building on the Lake Fitz Estate.
Fitzroy Estate
Fitzroy Estate
Lake Fitz Estate - now rebuilt, with a huge park surrounding it.
Curtis Fitzroy
Curtis Fitzroy
Lord Elliots and Lady Inessas son.
Family Tree