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Windlebridge - Main Hood
Windleport - Downtown
Lake Fitz
Windle College
Servants & workers
Rest In Peace
Pet Cemetery
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A blog and a site with pictures and stories from a themed Sims2 Neighborhood
Most recent newborn:
Zenia Purrum
Zenia Purrum
Born: Third Fall
Family: Purrum    
Family Tree
Gypsy Camp
The Gypsy Camp at Gypsy Hill, where the gypsies gather.
Family: Gypsy Camp
Gypsy Hill North
North side of the camp on Gypsy Hill in Windlebridge.
Family: Gypsy Hill North
Gypsy Hill South
The south end of Gypsy Hill in Windlebridge.
Family: Gypsy Hill South
Gypsy Beach
Where gypsies set up camp in Windleport
Family: Gypsy Beach
Gypsy Beach Lower
The new gypsy camp on the beach outside Windleport.
Family: Gypsy Beach Lower
Passed Away:
Wesh Boswell
Wesh Boswell
Born: First Spring
Died: Third Fall
Died from an illness.
Family Tree
Gypsy resources for Sims2:

(In RL they are of course called romani nowadays, but in old sim days they were gypsies.)

Caravan props: (Former Caravan Sims2)

Indian furniture, toys, foods and more (the gypsies do origin from India): Simaddict99 på TSR:

Gypsy clothing:

Gypsy names:

New lovely set of items on Parsimonious website, link: Wandering by Kate

Add gypsy MP3-files to your game, I got mine from THIS PAGE

How to add your own music to to the game.