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Windlebridge - Main Hood
Windleport - Downtown
Lake Fitz
Windle College
Servants & workers
Rest In Peace
Pet Cemetery
Souvenirs to download

Custom Content for Sims2

Modify settings and columns
Without Custom Content, no themed sim hoods!
Fairytale Clothes
Suitable for gypsies and more daring medieval sim ladies.
Time Period Clothes
Elite Sim Builders - Simart
Lots of beautiful walls, floors and lots of other building stuff
Walls & Floors
Around The Sims
Quality furniture, some useful in older period themes.
Time Period Objects
Sims Design Avenue
Former Caravan Sims, highest quality stuff for caravans, medieval sets to die for and more.
Time Period Objects
Cyclonesue at TSR
Her houses have inspired me greatly and her walls/floors and objects are just a necessity to have.
Walls & Floors; Time Period Objects
Zazazu's Face Default Replacements
(used all second spring/summer/winter/rotation)
Other Mods
Beautiful period clothes and awesome objects.
Time Period Clothes; Time Period Objects
All About Style
An absolute favorite. Exquisite clothes from all periods, just looking at some of them wants you to make more themed hoods.
Time Period Clothes
Wood For Sims
The most beautiful textures.
Time Period Objects
Terrains by DimSim 78 (MTS2)
Hoods & Time Period Hood Stuff
Fairy Forest
Time Period Objects; Time Period Clothes
SpookyMuffins Default Face Replacements
Other Mods
Ancient Sims
Time Period Clothes; Time Period Objects
Hexameter (vehicle mods)
Time Period Objects; Hoods & Time Period Hood Stuff