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News from Windlebridge > Posts > Change of Seasons
Change of Seasons
Finally, winter is here.. (in Windle that is, IRL, thankfully, its spring :) ).
A couple of notes to make, on the change of season: Windle now has 1142 human sims, 580 men and 486 women - the big difference is a result of the students in Windle College, all male. With 130 pets to add to that, 1272 sims in total when Third Fall is over.
Of these, 441 live in the main hood, Windlebridge, a calm and flourishing rural village mainly dominated by the Windle Manor with its farm workers and the Mine. The downtown hood, Windleport, is growing - now with 335 citizens. In the future this subhood will of course be bigger in numbers than Windlebridge it self.
A second subhood, Lake Fitz, is just beginning. It has 21 sims living there for now, but will also grow. Windle College, the University Hood, has 125 inhabitants, including students and professors.
Third fall also gave a little glimps of the new subhood Wide Ocean, where a couple of islands have inhabitants, as well as the three "vacation" hoods - Snowy Hills, situated north of Windle, Yamamoto in the Far East and Isle St Jacques somewhere in the Southers Hemisphere.
In total, Windle has 145 sim households and appr. 2.285 sim days if you add them all together.
Future will see other subhoods also emerging.



That's alot of simmies! You play through each of those households each round? That's amazing!
at 4/15/2009 17:49


That last comment was from me by the way!

at 4/15/2009 17:50

Re: Change of Seasons

That's indeed a helluva lot of Sims. I admire you for being able to get through that at a remarkable pace.

The new header image is really cute and wintery. I really like all the roofs being so close to each other, it makes it really seem like a town. That is what I like so much about your hoods. :)

The glimpses of the new subhoods were very interesting, especially since I peeked at your images and also saw ones that you haven't (yet?) included in posts.. Hmm hmm interesting.
What other ideas do you have for future subhoods?

at 4/15/2009 20:48

Re: Change of Seasons

Yes I play them all every round, even if some get more attention than others, depending on what I want to do with them - I play in 5 day (=1 season) rounds, and sometimes one family is all about toddlers, another they need to get married all.. So far I have strived to have big families, to populate the hood, so twins have more or less been the rule and even triplets/quadruplets in poorer families. This will not always be the case, I am planning to slow down the fertility a bit, but not just yet.
New subhoods.. well industrialism will come to Windle in the fourth "year" ("18th century") starting with smaller projects that will grow over time. I am pondering a new more rough subhood with factories and workers. Also, some of the richer families need their own estates, which may lead to a couple of more subhoods like Lake Fitz. We will see. I don't like that we cant let sims live in the Vacation hoods, which may lead to extra subhoods "connected" to the vacation ones, i.e a normal subhood "belonging" to Isle St Jacques where some sims actually will live and "colonize" the exotic islands. Future will tell!
Ingeli at 4/16/2009 9:32

Re: Change of Seasons

Oooh.. interesting.

Really? So many twins? Wow, I never realized. :)

Industrialism, hmm, nice, I guess? I never liked it so much personally because of all the smoke(which is why I'm sticking with the Middle Ages :D), but I think it fits in a progressing Windle. It opens up new possibilities, too..

Future will tell what the past will bring.

at 4/16/2009 23:37

I kept my promise -- the AMjoie Sheepish Dogs now available at MTS2


I don't know how else to get hold of you, so I'm just posting this here. I hope you read it regularly.  :)

The AMjoie Sheepish Dogs and other Wilds are now on MTS2. They just went live today. I added an AMjoie Wildcat that you don't have, yet. So check it out. This should take you to the right page:

The Lady and the Tramp with Friends Set also went live today. I am still working on the rest of the more than 2 dozen cats and over 2 dozen dogs. They should be up sometime in the next few days or so.

Enjoy! :D
at 5/5/2009 1:31

Re: Change of Seasons

Amjoie! I saw it and I downloaded all of them! Thank you :D
Ingeli at 5/8/2009 18:19