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News from Windlebridge > Posts > Stairs of Stone - Recolors
Stairs of Stone - Recolors
So I needed some stone stairs, for my castles and old houses, and made some more when at it.
First, AL "Steps of Style":

Or find them on Souvenirs Page.
M&G Sweeping Stairs, bundled together both wood, stone and marble and as a special version, one with Inges black and white tiles, found here:
Pictures of some of the stairs:

For some reason I like these stairs much better when monochrome, as the annoying rail in the middle doesnt disturb as much then.

Note: there are more recolors in these bundles than shown on pics. Remove the ones you don't like or use.
Some of the floors used are Maxis, other come from Parsimonious, and yet others from Cyclonesue/Msbarrows/JSF at TSR.


Re: Stairs of Stone - Recolors

You've been busy in the past few days. Only today I have had the opportunity to go online, and your posts are a treat.

Fitz Manor looks grand! I love how you fit all the lost together like a puzzle. (I think the puzzle of Windleport Castle is even more intricate though!)
I am really curious about the village that seems to be just out of the boundaries of the picture.

And the wedding looks like it was really nice. Do you have weddings often?

Take care,
at 4/13/2009 20:21

Re: Stairs of Stone - Recolors

The village in Lake Fitz so far consists of a square with 5 small houses, set up as apartments. My goal was to have the square as the social area. There is a church (no minister yet though) and a couple of other houses planned to be a store and an inn, with time.
Yes I have many weddings, hehe. I wish we could have other social events like that, I do arrange an occasional birthday and of course anniversaries, but i would like funerals and others also.
Ingeli at 4/14/2009 10:34