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News from Windlebridge > Posts > Wedding in the Greenhouse
Wedding in the Greenhouse
Cedrick Windleton befriended Lord Elliot Fitzroy in university, and was happy to take up on his offer to move to Lake Fitz and organize the farming on the large estate. He lived in one of the wings of the estate. Now he just needed a wife!
Cedrick Courting
Guests Arriving
Guests arriving for the wedding.
Caroline was from a good family, but without money. Marrying a younger son in the Windleton family was a good catch for her. She had great ambitions for them both.
The Ceremony
It was a beautiful autumn wedding in the Greenhouse at the Fitzroy estate.
The Bride


Both the Lennox and the Windleton families attended. The young couple was so beautiful.

The hosts, Lady and Lord Fitzroy, were thrilled to arrange the wedding. They loved all sorts of social events.

The Kiss


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