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Lake Fitz Revisited
The Fitzroy family owns all of Lake Fitz, and has a lavish mansion on one side of the lake, with the village on the other side.
Lake Fitz
The Manor
The Manor is built with no expenses spared, the landscaping is spectacular and the park has everything a rich, active family as the Fitzroys can wish for.
Rose Garden
The Rose Garden
View from the Orchard
View over the Main Building and the East Wing from the Orchard
The Orchard
The Orchard
Manor Park
Manor Park, view over the East Greenhouse

The Waterfall
The Waterfall Pond, entrance

The Waterfall Pond
The Waterfall Pond
The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth
The Playground
The Playground
There are two large greenhouses in back of the park, one is used for growing exotic fruit and flowers, the other is used for receptions and social events.
Building notes: The Manor with two wings is an apartment lot, with 3 units. The Park consists of 13 different lots, all owned community lots. The houses and interiors will be presented more closely in future posts.
The Fitzroy family owns all the lots and gets income from renting out the wings.
Tall Ships
Tall ships are the future for Windleport - both for the sailors and the richer ship owners/officers seeking fortunes in far countries. This fall, two prominent ships left Windleport to sail to far shores: The Mirage, owned by Jacques Villiers, and The Belladonna, owned by Benjamin Hood. The Mirage is sailing to the southern hemisphere, where Jacques Villiers has big financial interests since his earlier travels, and The Belladonna to the Far East, where Benjamin Hood is planning to start a venture to import luxury goods.
Tall Ship
The Belladonna
The ships sail for 2-3 sim days to reach Egg Island, in the middle of the Wide Ocean, where they stop to get supplies. Then they continue another 2-3 days to their goals, either in the Southern Hemisphere or in the Far East.
Life on board is someowhat tedious, the sailors fish to get fresh food, and has plenty of time also to study various aspects of sim life - to go on such a journey gives experience and knowledge in many ways similar to a university - university of sim life.
The Mirage
Building notes: after trying out several downloaded ships I decided to build my own. The ship is built using the levels of third, fourth and fifth floors. I placed the original lot on one of the islands, then moved the lot out in the ocean using the Lot Adjuster. Then I changed the lot height, using this technique: by changing the Z-value with Simpe, making the sea level same as the bottom of the boat (or just under, cant have the sailors feet get wet :P)
To get the wave-effect I used Inge Jones' buyable portal available here. It must be placed 1 floor under the sea level to get the right effect, i used columns to put a floor square on the right place, removing the columns afterwards.
The ship is connected to the "bottom of the sea" with a long modular stair, to a platform and a door. In my imagination this is the boat they row to get to and from the ship.. sims then can go down to the sea bottom and get for example the shuttle taxi to reach the vacation hood.
I place the post box and buyable pedestrian portals on the upper deck. With the help of 2jeffs Visitor Controller I ban all visitors, because they have no business to come to a ship in the middle of the ocean!
I also place a couple of the Invisible Pond object, to make fishing from deck possible. Make a "pond" on the bottom of the sea and the sims will have wants to fish, which then easily can be fulfilled.
Oh - and the sails you get here. And I also experimented with placing a wind mill "inside" the sails with move objects on, to make the ship earn something from the brisk sea winds :D
The Swann Residence
A few pictures from the Swann Residence:
Peter Swann
Peter Swann on his Riding Horse
Swann Dining Room
The Swann Dining Room, with some of my new banquet recolors, inspired by Parsimonius Mere Folly set.
Gold and Silver
Clay Jewellery Store is a big success, and many buyers come there to buy jewellery and other knick-knacks of gold and silver.
Clay Jewellery Store
Buying Jewellery
Hotel Albertina
Situated right by the Old Town Square, facing Theatre Street and Shoemaker Street, the Hotel Albertina is one of the most popular restaurants and hotels in Windleport. Many citizens arrange their weddings and birthdays here, as well as many other outings.
Entrance to the restaurant, Shoemaker Street
Entrance to the restaurant, Shoemaker Street
The Foyer Desk
The Foyer Desk
Shop, entrance from Old Town Square
Shop, entrance from Old Town Square
A suit
One of the suits
Shop, entrance from Old Town Square
Wedding Reception
On the second floor there is a banquet room, with a bar and room to dance.
Second floor

Linda and James on a date
Linda and James, on a date. Mmm, lobster and champagne!

From Old Town Square

Hotel Albertina, as seen from Old Town Square and Theatre Street.

The Hotel Albertina is now owned by Robert Hawkwood, the Mayor of Old Town.
Castle Chapel
Castle Chapel
The Castle Chapel is a place for contemplation and comfort, as well as the scene for many weddings and other ceremonies. The castle priest, Christopher Ballard, has a big apartment in this part of the building, and often hosts the wedding receptions.
Christophers and Lady Annas wedding
Lady Anna
Christopher Ballard is a ladies' man, but did get married this fall, to Lady Anna Coxham. A marriage that will be good for his career and standing with the Lennox family, Lady Anna is a very close friend to the Lennox.
Lady Anna and Lady Harriet
Close friends: Lady Anna Coxham-Ballard and Lady Harriet Windleton.
John Bells wedding reception
In one of the smaller apartments in this part of the building, lives John Bell, son of the late reverend Bell in Windlebridge. He also got married this season, and the apartment will probably be to small for him and Lady Alice in the future.
Windle Garrison
Jimmy Earle joined the Windle Garrison this fall. Arriving from Windlebridge to the impressing Castle of Windleport, left him breathless. The towers, the walls, the view over the city.. and all the people, so many sims working and living in the Castle. And the horses!
Leaving for training
Early every morning, the soldiers leave for the Training Fields.
The Garrison has a dining hall where breakfast and all other meals are served.
In the basement there is a sauna, a popular place for recreation.
Popular soldiers in armor
The soldiers in armor are always popular with the women.
The Garrison consist of four "apartments" which only hold beds for the soldiers. All other facilities, dining, ect, are provided for in the common area.
Garrison Dorm
First floor
The Falcon Crest - Castle Inn
For more family oriented festivities, like weddings, and for more classy guests to the Castle, the Falcon Crest Inn, is a more suitable place to go than the more sleezy Hawk & Pidgeon.
As every other house in the Castle, it is owned by Lord Ingvar, who gets all the income from all the houses, thanks to Simlogicals Lot Owners mod.
Falcon Crest Inn
Many weddings take place at the Falcon Crest Inn.
Falcon Crest Inn
Important outings are a common sight. Here some of the officers of the Garrison, with Lady Isabella and Lady Ingrid.
Falcon Crest Inn
The Banquet Hall
Falcon Crest Inn
The Hall, where the Wedding Ceremony takes place.
Falcon Crest Inn
The Foyer
The staff is very well trained and polite.
The Wedding Suite
Playing Notes: It is possible to have a hotel in a normal hood or subhood, if you have the Bon Voyage Expansion. Build the hotel (I used a community lot to start with) then use the cheat to change the lot zoning to hotel (ChangeLotZoning Hotel), save and exit to hood view.
The hotel works - with the exception of having tour guides, and other stuff which depends on the Vacation Hoods. There are no tourists. Other visitors than yours don't check in in the other rooms (which is sad, that would be cool) but I never had any other guests in the Vacation Hoods either..
With the Lot Owner mod of Simlogical I set Lord Ingvar to get the income from the hotel, it works great.
Harvesting Apples
The fall is of course a time for harvest in Windlebridge. Lots of work in the fields and in the orchards - here we see the big Manor Orchard, filled with trees heavy of red, green and yellow apples. Sir Alarick is very proud of the quality apples the Orchard produces - they sell well in Windleport, and bring good money to the family.
Manor Orchard in the Fall
Keith Picking Apples
View over Lucas Cottage
The Manor Seen From the Orchard
Caring for the Apple Trees
Windlebridge Sport's Field
After discussions in the Village Council, a sport's field was built near Westby farm. It has quickly become another popular hot spot for the Windlebridge youth.
Windlebridge Sport's Field
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