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Wedding in the Greenhouse
Cedrick Windleton befriended Lord Elliot Fitzroy in university, and was happy to take up on his offer to move to Lake Fitz and organize the farming on the large estate. He lived in one of the wings of the estate. Now he just needed a wife!
Cedrick Courting
Guests Arriving
Guests arriving for the wedding.
Caroline was from a good family, but without money. Marrying a younger son in the Windleton family was a good catch for her. She had great ambitions for them both.
The Ceremony
It was a beautiful autumn wedding in the Greenhouse at the Fitzroy estate.
The Bride


Both the Lennox and the Windleton families attended. The young couple was so beautiful.

The hosts, Lady and Lord Fitzroy, were thrilled to arrange the wedding. They loved all sorts of social events.

The Kiss
The Youngest Lennox Sister
Lady Inessa, the youngest of the beautiful Lennox sisters, married Lord Elliot Fitzroy and moved to Lake Fitz. She made peace with her sister
The Manor
The Main Entrance of the Manor
Lady Inessa apologized to her sister Lady Isadora Windleton, and thus ended their misunderstandings in the past - lets hope this will last!
Main Entrance
The Main Entrance of the Manor with the pond.
Inessa's Bed Chamber
Lady Inessa's Bed Chamber, decorated in Maroccan Style
Rose Garden
Lady Inessa's favorite place in the park, the tranquile and beautiful Rose Garden.
Rose Garden, detail
Rex in the Orchard
Rex, the Collie, in the Orchard.
Reception in the Greenhouse^
One of the Greenhouses is used for elegant receptions, here a detail in the Dining Room of the Greenhouse.

Table Set
Table set for an elegant dinner in the Greenhouse.

The hectic social life took it's toll on Lady Inessa - good she could also have quiet days, resting in her Maroccan Salon.

Lady Inessa Resting
Tea in Yamamoto
While Jacques Villiers' The Mirage sailed to the Southern Hemisphere, Benjamin Hood's The Belladonna sailed to the Far Eastern port of Yamamoto. Morgan Fay was on the ship, and learned many new things during the voyage, here we see him drinking tea with an Old Wise Man in Yamamoto.
All the houses in Yamamoto are downloaded from MTS2, made by Masaharu777, find his creations here:
I adapted them for older times, replacing modern stuff with better options.
Sailing to Paradise
The Mirage sailed for five sim days to reach the beautiful island of St Jacques - a paradise where the sims could enjoy a lazy life on the beach, eating fruits from the trees, and gathering with the natives at night for simple pleasures.
Isle St Jacques
The clean blue waters on St Jacques Island
Island at Night
The island at night time
Native Girl
One of the native inhabitants of Isle St Jacques
Jacques Villiers has some big plans for the future of Isle St Jacques - he wants to come back and start farms to grow lemons and oranges. These fruits have only been available in limited amounts in Windle until now, only growing in the green houses of the monks and at the castle.
The Secret Temple
The travellers to St Jacques Island also learn a lot of new knowledge, for example in the Secret Temple, where they meet the Witch Doctor.
The Witch Doctor
Tobie One-Eye Escaped!
The shocking news that the notorious pirate, Tobie One-Eye, escaped his prison in the High Tower of Windleport, upset many sims in Windle. Tobie has a long history of pirating and other crimes on the Wide Sea, and after being sentenced to death he has been imprisoned in Windleport. Now he has mysteriously escaped, and disappeared.
Egg Island
Egg Island
There is a rumour that he settled down on a small island in the Wide Ocean, where he reunited with his wife Danielle and their children. Sailors visiting the beautiful Egg Island, to get supplies for their journeys, thinks the host there looks a LOT like Tobie.. hard for him to hide with that eye patch, wooden leg and hook..
Egg Island would be a safe haven for this pirate, far away from the authorities in Windle. His new life is probably very different from the damp, cold tower: now he lives in an airy hut-house with palms and banana trees surrounding it, a beach and a warm ocean two steps away.. Something to envy in the cold and dark fall and winter of Stockholm, oops I mean Windleport ;)
Egg Island Port, Night Time
Egg Island Port, night time.
The Brethren
The Brethren of the Monastery on Cathedral Hill, are a common sight in Windleport. They manage the Cloister School, where the children of Windleport gets their education, and also the Cloister Baths, where you can take care of your health.
Service in the Monastery Chapel
Service in the Monastery Chapel
Supper in Cloister School
Supper in Cloister School
Supper in the Monastery
Supper in the Monastery
Travelling Monk
Monk leaving for Travels
A Palace
When the French explorer Jacques Villiers took residence in Windleport he started to build a palace for himself and his young wife, Lady Isabella. A palace to show off, to her family, the powerful Lennox family, and to everyone, who doubted his riches. The palace was built close to the Cathedral, and was the first house on the Cathedral Avenue, a new, broad street which will be very attractive to the rich people of Windle.
Palace Villiers
The Palace Villiers is now a residency, but is prepared to become several luxurious apartments in a later stage.
Isabella and Jacques
The marriage was a bit bumpy, with Isabella having an affair with Christopher Ballard, the castle chaplain. But this fall they found the way back to each other, and when Jacques left to sail with The Mirage to the southern hemisphere, Isabella was pregnant and later gave birth to triplets.
Down in the port in wooden shacks, torn by winds and sea, live the fishermens families.
The beach was their playground and workingplace.
Swimming in the ocean - fun and good for your health, all year round.

The Fishermen kids early learn to fish.
Dorus on Catfish Island
Erwin Swann, owner of Catfish Island, greets Dorus Chandler, a newcomer to Windleport. Will he join the fishermen, or will he seek other opportunities? For now he rents a room in the harbour.
Sailors' Wives
It's a hard life down in the shacks in the harbour, for fishermen and workers and sailors. The sailor families are maybe the worst off, when the men leaves to embark their ships. Wives and children left behind, while they go away on a risky journey to far away countries. Who knows if they will ever come back?
Sailor Leaving
Tansy Harley just married George, before he left. She didn't know it yet, but she was already pregnant and had to have her babies all by herself, without the support of her husband. Will he come home in the spring?
Bathing Toddler
Olga Sparks moved in to help her sister, Corinne Simmons, with her small children, when her husband Tom left to go to sea.
Judith held Jack tight in her arms, the last night before he left.
Like many sailors wives, Corinne Simmons liked to watch the horizon and think about her husband.
Sailor's Shack
A typical Sailor's Shack
Hunting Mice
Hunting Mice
...and the Seamstress' Little Sister
Shortly after the Ashton-Paynter wedding, Lavinias younger sister Laura became Mrs Lionel Chapman.
Lionel and Laura
Cake in the Yard
Their ceremony was held at Hotel Albertina, but the reception was held in the yard of the Ashton-Paynter property, where Lionel and Laura are going to live, in an apartment they rent from Lauras brother in law, James Paynter.
Lionel is of simpler origin, and started his career as a clerk in the tailor shop in Windlebridge. The couple devote their time to the work in the Ashton Clothing Atelier.
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