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Stairs of Stone - Recolors
So I needed some stone stairs, for my castles and old houses, and made some more when at it.
First, AL "Steps of Style":

Or find them on Souvenirs Page.
M&G Sweeping Stairs, bundled together both wood, stone and marble and as a special version, one with Inges black and white tiles, found here:
Pictures of some of the stairs:

For some reason I like these stairs much better when monochrome, as the annoying rail in the middle doesnt disturb as much then.

Note: there are more recolors in these bundles than shown on pics. Remove the ones you don't like or use.
Some of the floors used are Maxis, other come from Parsimonious, and yet others from Cyclonesue/Msbarrows/JSF at TSR.
Nursery Recolors
Nursery Recolors
I have finished this huge project with recolors for a nursery - inspired by a set of baby pastel walls by Danikat on MTS2
It started with a set of curtains and then it grew from there - included are recolors of the FT cribs & nursing table as well as the base game crib & nursingtable. I honestly don't use them much, but many creators use them to get recolors, for other baby items (like Rebecah) or for curtains. So I included them too. Then there are recolors of Rebecahs wonderful toddler/kids bed, and of her Usable RockingHorse and of Parsimonous Once Upon A Time Activity Table.
There are also matching beddings. And an improved and expanded set of Simlogicals Autodrapes in these pastel recolors. If you have the old pastels set, redownload the complete new set here:
They will overwrite the old ones. They look much better!
These pastels are for mixing and matching - they are kind of timeless and works in a themed hood (richer homes) as well as in a modern one. I made them using wood textures (a white wood and a dark wood) from Piggis Sims, the Queen of Recolors. At her site you can find matching wood recolors of practically anything Maxis, and a lot of other stuff too.
Check out the Nursery Recolors on this page:
Currently I am working on recolors to match some of my medieval/historical furniture for a banquet hall, including buffet tables and clothed tables. It annoys me when I can't match those. And my sims have lots of festivities!
I will update the Windle blog news also, I am playing and progressing, the pics are taken and piling up ;)
Recoloring again
One of my favorite creators, Rebecah, has posted a genious new toddler/kids bed on MTS2, download it here:
My recolors are in darker wood and they match some of the Simlogical drapes I recolored. I also did 3 recolors matching the Castle set of Maxis Sims Store.
More recolors to come. Check the Souvenirs page!
Rebecahs Beds - recolors
These beds uses the usual bedding, so the pics just show some I have in my game, they are not included with the recolor.
Recoloring is fun..
I had a little bit of a recoloring obsession going lately, check out the souvenirs page. Sidetracked me from updating the family news, but I will get back to that.
Bunkbed Recolors Done :)
Bunkbed Recolors
So I needed some recolors for Simlogicals New Bunkbeds, found here.  ..And then I made some more, and more.. Download them and pick the ones you have use for. They match other Custom Content sets I use for the Gypsy Wagons, links and details provided on the Souvenirs page.
At the moment I am doing some recolors - first one is a new recolor of the SimsDesignAvenue medieval stove and sink, in a lighter stone. I used the textures from the new set from Sims2 Store, called Castle.
Hunter's Kitchen
I always wanted to add a recolor in a lighter stone. On the picture you can see how I placed the stove (which is 2 tiles wide) with move-objects-on so it "merges" with the fireplace.
More recolors to come, I am working on a set of recolors for Inge Jones new fantastic bunkbeds, utterly space saving in castles and gypsy wagons, find them here:
I will post the recolors in a couple of days, just need a bit of more testing and more pics in game. They will be available on the Souvenirs page.
Besides recoloring I am playing the families of the Castle, in houses now remade to be apartments. Its a lot of fun and I use the genious new mods for making the rent go to the Castle Owner, also invented by Simlogical, and found here:
Recolors For My Favorite Stove (And Sink)
Stove Recolors
My absolute favorite stove is the medieval stove made by Sims Design Avenue (former Caravan Sims). I use it in almost every house - but I needed some variation. There fore I made a couple of recolors.
You need the mesh from their site, its a part of the pay set "Medieval Kitchen". (Find it under Themes- Medieval)
Find the recolors under Souvenirs - 4 stove recolors, 2 sink recolors and one chimney recolor that matches the original stove.