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News from Windlebridge > Blog Posts Categories
Pelenegros in Windleport
The younger brother, Drago Pelenegro, decided that the camp in Windlebridge was a bit crowded, and he and Merina got their own wagon and decided to make a start a new camp on the beach, outside the City Gates in Windleport.
Gyspy Beach in Windleport
One of their wagons is very close to the water, the other on road level. The camp has plenty of room for dancing and a in the future weddings can be held on the beach.
Merina coming down to the lower level
Merina coming down to the lower level
Merina watching the sea
Merina loves to just sit on the beach and watch the sea.
Drago plays the violin
Drago plays the violin
In the future, more wagons can be expected to join the Windleport Gypsy Camp on the beach. Merina already had twin girls, Melantha and Mirela.
The Boswells
Boswell Wagon
Boswell wagon, early spring
The Boswells, Wesh, Liana (born Zimarro) and their four daughters, are one of the happier families in the camp.
Liana and Wesh

Liana and Wesh love each other dearly. Here seen on Gypsy Beach in Windleport during a nice party there, organized by the Windleport Pelenegros. In the background: Tobar Zimarro, watching the waves.
Liana and Wesh
Bojko Wagon
Bojko Wagon
The only wagon with no children at this point (third spring) is the Bojko Wagon, where the youngest Zimarro sister, Alina, lives with her husband Casamir.
Alina has had some miscarriages - she is now pregnant again, and will dance a little less this time.
Bad Weather
Lots of rains and storms this spring.. they soo longed for some sun!
Taikon Wagon
Taikon Wagons
The fifth Zimarro sister, the beautiful Tara, married Nico Taikon, and this spring they had three babies: Flora, Malina and Lennor.
Nico about to take part in a dance contest.
Tara, visiting Gypsy Beach in Windleport
Tara, visiting Gypsy Beach in Windleport
Pelenegro Wagon in Windlebridge
The wagon's weren't big enough for two brothers and their wives - so Drago took his young wife Merina, got himself his own wagons and moved on to the new camp, Gypsy Beach in Windleport. Maron and Nadina stayed in Windlebridge, and had three more daughters, Drina, Tsura and Violka.
Nadina and Rosa dancing
Nadina and Rosa dancing
Nadina and Rosa dancing in the night
Nadina and Rosa dancing in the night
Nadina by the fire
Maron potty training
Maron potty training
The Lovely Lovel Sisters
Calypso cooking
Essie and Garridan have four daughters - the two oldest, Calypso and Calandra just became teenagers and are both very pretty. No problems finding husbands for those!
Garridan is a big strong man, but he loves to dance, as do all the gypsies. Music is always heard in the gypsy camp, and as often as they can they arrange dancing contests and parties.
Dooriya sleeping
Dooriya sleeps well in the bunkbed.
Dinner at Lovel Wagon
Garridans wife Essie is not of gypsy origin.. thats why she has so light skin. She loves Garridan with all her heart, and doesn't complain about the difficulties of living in the wagons.
Garridan dancing
Who will Calypso and Calandra be marrying? They are very young yet, but gypsy girls do marry young.
Bear Training
Rudi Petul carries on the proud art of bear training.
It's very popular to come to the Gypsy Camp to see the bears.
Rudi has taught Achill all kinds of tricks.
The only problem is that Achill is getting old.. Rudi really needs a new bear!
But he can still grin when he gets a treat :).
Chandra and Rudi
Chandra and Rudi is getting along a lot better since the babies, Adamu and Aminta were born. Their oldest children, Crystal and Paul, became teenagers already, and its time to start thinking of marriage for them. One of the Lovel sisters would suit Paul fine.. but what about Crystal? Not a boy in sight in the right age that is not a cousin.. hmm.
Zimarro Family
Zimarro Wagons
Life continued for the Zimarro family, after Paul and Esmeralda died last winter. The bears also started to age, and that is a problem - soon they will need replacement bears, or at least find a good male bear to breed new bears with.
The babies became toddlers - little Esme and Tamas. Rosa is pregnant again and will have more babies in the summer.
Rosa dancing
Rosa Zimarro dancing in the rain.
The Young Thorneapples
Maximilian Thorneapple, eldest son of the respected writer Melvin Thorneapple in Windlebridge, is currently studying in Windle College. He decided to take residence in one of the small houses near St Jacob Church.
Thorneapple House
Thorneapple House
Jennifer loves to paint.
Thorneapple House
Second floor
Thorneapple House
First floor
Thorneapple House
As he continues his studying and writing on his first novel, it also made it possible for him to marry his fiancée - the clever and fiery redhead miss Jennifer Bell, daughter to the late vicar James Bell in Windlebridge. The wedding took place in Windle College, in St Jacob Church.
Jennifer plays on the organ, her brother Horace and her father-in-law Melvin listen.
The cake and the buffet was served in the church - many student friends and relatives attended the wedding.
Jennifer was happy to move to Windle College, even if she wasn't allowed to study officially as a woman, it was great to be close to the libraries and the museum there. She quickly got pregnant and had twins, Bettina and Balthazar.
Play notes: Thanks to Inteenimator, its possible to have "regular" families in the Uni Hood. This is my first such family, so far working out great. There will be more of these, if everything goes as planned.
Panic spread through the St Lawrence faculty, when the house burned down. The fire, that spread to the faculty of St Vincent nearby, and left the old houses in ashes, caused four deaths and many injuries. All of the College was first paralyzed of the shock and the grief.
St Lawrence Fire
St Lawrence Fire
St Lawrence Fire
St Lawrence Fire
But from the ashes a new and better College will rise, as the College is building FOUR new faculties.
"We mourn the dead but try to look forward" said the College Chancellor in a remembrance speech after the fire.
Play Notes: I used SimWardrobes Incinerator device to get a really big fire going.
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