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The Pelenegro Brothers

Two brothers - Maron just married Nadina Zimarro, and Drago now also married her younger sister Merina, the last unmarried Zimarro sister. Dragon and Merina took their wagon and headed for Windleport, as the Gypsy Camp in Windlebridge is now rather crowded.


Fire is a frequent danger in the wagons.
Dragos and Merinas Wedding
Merinas and Dragos wedding was held by the pond in the middle of the camp.

The founders of the Pelenegro family was downloaded from here.

Fun at the Lovel Wagon
Garridan Lovel married Essie who is not of gypsy origin, but married Garridan out of love and ran away to live with him.
Playing with Petul Kids
Petul kids are fun to play with.
Lovel Camp Fire

In the evening lighting the fire, dancing, lots of fun.
Telling ghost stories.

Lovel Camp Fire
Harsh Life in the Cold

The marriage of Rudi and Chandra, Rudi a love sim and Chandra a family sim, is in a crisis since she caught him cheating with her sister Nadina. This winter they did find a way back to each other, sharing the struggle to keep the family warm.


The life in the wagons is harsh in the winter.
Children and adults are often freezing from the bitter cold.

Paul is very cold
Chandra with baby Chavali
Chandra with baby Chavali.
Chandra and sister Alina chatting
Chandra and sister Alina chatting.


Three weddings, two babies and two deaths

Paul Zimarro was the first gypsy arriving in Windlebridge. He married Esmeralda and they had 7 daughters. To carry on his family name he asked his young relative, Tobar Zimarro, to join his family and marry his daughter Rosa.

Paul and Esme, fighting
Paul beat up Esme in public, to the horror of the bystanders by Windle Mine
Paul died
Paul died.
Tobar and Rosa - wedding
Rosa got married to Tobar, her third cousin.
Zimarro Wedding
It was a great gypsy wedding with dance and music and all the gypsies in the camp were there.
Bear Cage
The bear cage.
Dance dance dance!
Tara and Nicos date
Tara got engaged to Nico Taikon after a really hot date.
The four youngest Zimarro sisters having soup.
Tara and Nicos wedding
Alinas and Casamirs wedding
The first day of spring, the Zimarro family held a double wedding - Tara married Nico Taikon and Alina married Casamir Bojko.

After Pauls death the wagon was burned down, as the gypsy tradition demands and a a new bigger and better wagon was obtained - as a matter of fact two wagons, which is more comfortable when the families are big.

Right after the double wedding, Esmeralda died of old age, happy to see six of her seven daughters married.
And Tobar and Rosa also had twins - a girl they named Esmeralda after grandmother, and a boy named Tamas. The first boy born for a very long time in the Zimarro wagon.

Convent of the Cross
Convent of the Cross
Convent of the Cross - school house
Convent at Night

The old Convent of the Cross, its calm grey buildings looking down on the river. The nuns have lived and worked here for centuries. The Convent is by tradition supported and linked to the Windleton family, which takes a pride in the tradition to send a daughter of every generation here. The nuns study and work in the orchard and on the fields. The Convent has a small school for the better off children and teens in the village.

Novice Rosemarie died of an illness.

Novice Kathleen, born Windleton, took the vows and became a Sister.

Convent School
Lesson with Sister Kathryn
Winter Fountain
By the frozen fountain.
Convent Ghost
Novice Rosaleen, born Windleton,
 died young and haunts the Convent.
Dinner at the Convent
In the Refectory, discussing books they read.

The Convent was originally a monastery ruin, built by Cyclonesue, you can find it here.
I rebuilt it and remodeled it into a working nunnery.

Lucas of Lucas Cottage
The cottage of the Lucas family is close to the Manor, as is the destiny and lives of the inhabitants. Heath Lucas has been the butler to the Windletons all his life, and got this cottage when he recently married Jackie, one of the village tailors daughters. She was very young when they married, and started to work by his side at the Manor as a maid.
Lucas Cottage
Lucas Cottage

Lucas Cottage - interior

The cottage is small, built in the typical Windlebridge style.

Heath serving Jackie dinner
Heath serving Jackie dinner.
Penguin talking about the world outside.
Penguin has travelled a lot.
Bachelors' Shack
Bachelors' Shack - front
Bachelors' Shack - back

The bachelor miners live here until they marry. Work at the mine is hard and low paid, shacking up with other single miners is a good way to save money until you have a family.

This winter Ewan, Christian and Andrew married and moved out.

Fergus making a snowman
Fergus Fenmore making a snowman.
Mary Stone at work
Mary Stone, at work, housekeeping at Bachelors' Shack.

Brown's Shack
Brown's Shack - back
Billy Brown works in the mine. Both he and Melissa are love sims. She got pregnant first thing when they married and had 3 babies, the miner families as a rule have many children.
Bathing with Baby

Henry is the foreman at the mine, and Mary cooks and cleans for the miners that are unmarried, besides raising the children. They have a small shack near the mine, similar to all the other miner shacks.

Bottle Fight
When you are born in a poor family, it's
 important to fight for the food.
Bottle Fight 2 Victory
I won!

Playing in the snow
Playing outside.. snow is so yummy!

Windlebridge in the winter can be really cold..
 then you can see the penguin!

Penguin in the house

How old can Liliana Fay get?
Winter Bath

The old Liliana Fay, told to be knowing the magic, lives in a small cottage by the South Bridge. She has a small shop selling potions - and the villagers love and fear her. No one knows her real age, but she has been around forever.

She has two sons, Merlin, who married and moved to Windleport, and Morgan, who was still living at home helping with the shop. His lover May Westby left her parents house and moved in, to their dismay and horror. A girl was born, Viviana, and then another, Mariana. After Marianas birth May died - in spite of all Lilianas efforts. Morgan also left the village.

Liliana is now raising the two girls, training them in potion making and other useful skills..

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