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News from Windlebridge > Blog Posts Categories
The Population
I added a Census-page, where you can see some basic facts about the population of Windlebridge and its subhoods. As you can see, Windleport is still small scale, but I expect it to be much bigger after a couple of rotations. I have a lot of plans for Windleport, this rotation you will see mainly the Castle and some peeks of the Old Town and the Port, but the idea is for Windleport to be bigger than Windlebridge.
I have downloaded a lot of sims during the years I played Sims2, and some of them have followed me through different hoods and storylines. For example Liliana Fay, she started out as a posh gallery owner in a modern hood I once had, and I grew very found of her and her genes, lol. Unfortunately this is several years ago and I have no idea where I downloaded her. To improve documentation I have started to note in the database when I download sims - some day I may put up a list so you can see who to credit some of the interesting sims I found.
I don't look for just pretty sims, what interests me are the different, faces with character and original features.
I usually adapt them to my game, with geneticised skins and eyes, and of course time period hair and clothing. So it can be hard to recognize some of them, I guess.
I also use alternative face default replacements, I have several sets which I will change every other rotation or so. All to make the sims as diverse as possible.
Third Spring Enclosing
So finally, I am about to start the Third Spring Rotation. The last month has been filled with work on building Windleport, the downtown subhood of Windlebridge. And setting up this database/web site about the hood, as a documentation of the hood. As this work included learning some of the techniques of the latest version of Microsoft Sharepoint Server programs, it wasn't possible to make it very fast, but now when at least a first version of this site soon is ready to open, I am happy to say I think I will have a lot of use for these skills.
I also have been looking for a good program for making family trees, and I have tried several of them. I wanted a cheap one, that would be able to publish the pages to the web fast and smooth. The one I found was GenoPro 2007, find more info about it here.
I tried several others too, before deciding for this one. There are some that are all freeware, but those I found didnt give the option to publish the results to a web site of your own choice, only option was to use their sites, filled with normal genealogy pages that people made. It didnt feel right to have a sims2 page there, its not exactly a genealogy project that compares with RL genealogy research. I wanted it on my own site, closely connected to the rest of the pages and the database, and GenoPro worked out for me.
A good thing is that you can shop around for genealogy programs and reuse the files you make, using gedcom files that can be exported/imported in all of them. So the work you put in registering all the simmies, doesnt have to be repeated, if you find another program to try out.
Rules and tactics

Windlebridge is a Sims2 hood - set in historical sim times, starting sometime late medieval, renaissance period.

The main hood is the village Windlebridge.

I play this hood with fairly strict rules:

Rotation: every session is 5 sim days, or 1 season. I play the families in class order: rich families, better off families, farmer families, other village families (shop owners ect), poor families, gypsy families. In uni subhood 1 rotation = 1 study year, or 2 semesters = 6 sim days.

Social: Sims of course meet randomly, but they tend to marry inside their class/group. They meet at church and at some gathering places like the Blossom Pond, and of course the Village Square and all the stores/services.

Economy: The founder generation gets housing, and some starting money according to their class. I dont play the maxis careers or any custom careers either. These sims live off their farming, fishing and businesses - or working for other sims.

View over village from Manor Orchard, winter.

Custom Content: Yes. Lots of it. I try to keep it themed. No TV:s, no electronical stuff but for some exceptions: an antique phone, moniques computer (the sun air version, as that one however super modern looks less intrusive, with some imagination it COULD be some writing paraphernalia, and not a computer. Fire alarms.

Life, fertility and death: I try not to interfere too much with the destiny of these sims. Twin births are however very very common, as families needed lots of children to get the workers needed for farms and businesses. Diseases kill - I use a disease hack that makes them more serious. Fires are a plague because of the use of open fire. There may be wars in the future..

Religion: the setting is at least imagined to be somewhat like northern Europe, somewhere late medieval - renaissance time, and the beliefs accordingly catholic, maybe post catholic but as I really like seeing nuns and monks around, this means the monasteries will be there for a couple of sim centuries more. They give a nice flavor to the stories and pictures. Church is a place for education and exchanging news, and for social events. There are also some heathens around..

Education and school: no schools for just anyone.. home schooling for the rich, and the nuns educate a selected few to prepare the better off families kids for university. Only male sims from these families can attend university - this will of course change one day, but not yet.

Travelling: Somewhere outside Windlebridge there is a larger world. Soon you will learn to know the town of Windleport, and from Windleport the great ships sail to far away places.. but very few but sailors and very rich people travel.

Hacks: oh yes. I will add more links and comments about them in the link collection.

Windlebridge is a Sims2 neighbourhood, entirely fictional. This is my blog about the hood, its sims and storyline. The setting is historical - the hood exists in the old sim times, starting somewhere around the end of the medieval times.
Welcome to meet the people and visit their houses.
The Village in the winter