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News from Windlebridge > Blog Posts Categories
The Future, actually in Sims 3. Yes, there are limits, but there are also great possibilities. I will now start to work on a new blog for Sims 3, and I promise, one day Windle will resurface there. This site will remain online, for inspiration and the downloads and all, but I doubt there will be more updates about Windle in its old version - I will never say never, though. I understand if this is disappointing, but I have to follow my heart and my urge to play, hehe - and that is in Sims 3, now.
I will post the link to my new blog here as soon as I have it set up. Thanks again for all kind words about Windle and all the great feedback from you all these two years.
Christianlov updated the All-In-One for AL
Very good news :D
And, I know, I am slacking with the updates, but don't give up on me.. the Windle sims live their lives, its just the documentation that is overdue.
Change of Seasons
Finally, winter is here.. (in Windle that is, IRL, thankfully, its spring :) ).
A couple of notes to make, on the change of season: Windle now has 1142 human sims, 580 men and 486 women - the big difference is a result of the students in Windle College, all male. With 130 pets to add to that, 1272 sims in total when Third Fall is over.
Of these, 441 live in the main hood, Windlebridge, a calm and flourishing rural village mainly dominated by the Windle Manor with its farm workers and the Mine. The downtown hood, Windleport, is growing - now with 335 citizens. In the future this subhood will of course be bigger in numbers than Windlebridge it self.
A second subhood, Lake Fitz, is just beginning. It has 21 sims living there for now, but will also grow. Windle College, the University Hood, has 125 inhabitants, including students and professors.
Third fall also gave a little glimps of the new subhood Wide Ocean, where a couple of islands have inhabitants, as well as the three "vacation" hoods - Snowy Hills, situated north of Windle, Yamamoto in the Far East and Isle St Jacques somewhere in the Southers Hemisphere.
In total, Windle has 145 sim households and appr. 2.285 sim days if you add them all together.
Future will see other subhoods also emerging.
Windleport Castle Third Fall - An Overview
Windleport Castle, Third Fall
I wanted to give an overview of the Windleport Castle, and some notes about how I changed it with the new expansion, Apartment Life.
Main Building - this is the house where the owner family, Lennox, lives. It's a residence lot, fairly small, I wanted to keep it that way to make it playable in spite of many items and rooms on the lot.
Castle Park & Gardens - two owned community lots, open for the aristocrat sims of the Castle.
Castle South Corner - this is also an owned community lot, used for bigger events organized in the Castle, like ballroom dances and weddings.
Castle Inn - is a hotel lot, formally without owner, but with the help of Simlogicals Financial Mod, its owned by the Lennox family and they get the income. I will give more details and pics how I set it up in a later post.
Falcon Tower, holds four apartments.
Castle Stables, the stables are on the first floor and above them there are four apartments, two smaller and two bigger ones.
Castle Prison - the Black family is formally the Warden family, and the prison (I use Simlogicals Prison Mod Set) is set up on the bottom floor and in the tower. The Black family has an apartment on the third floor. There are three more apartments, one more is so far occupied by a playable family.
Castle Chapel - the Chapel is in the common area of this Apartment lot, picture and details in a later post, and the reverend has an apartment with facilities to host a wedding reception (see pics from the Lennox wedding for example).
There are also two more small apartments in this building.
North Entrance Tower - houses six apartments, three medium and three small.
South Entrance Tower - houses The Hawk & The Pidgeon on the first floor, I am currently playing this lot and will see if I will keep it as an entertainment place or if I need to make an owned business lot for it instead. There are three more apartments in the building.
I soo wish it was possible to have businesses on apartment lots!
The Garrison - houses the garrison dorms, now four simple apartments with dormitories for the soldiers and one common area with kitchen/dining, a meeting/study room and a common training area outside.
As you can see there are plenty of more houses to fill up with apartments and other facilities. I expect the Castle to be crowded, with time, as was the castles in the old times.
New souvenirs and a report from the castle
I have had some crashing problems lately, which has been slowing down updates and the gameplay overall. Finally last weekend I think I solved it, with some tweaking of the comp. Now everything runs smoother and I will give you some updates soon on my new apartment houses in the Windleport Castle. I made an Inn also (a hotel lot in a normal hood!) which I am rather proud of, and it seems to work ok.
And I made some more souvenirs for you, some more recolors of the Medina Drapes (by Fairywitch) and some of Simlogicals excellent Auto Pelmet Drapes. Check the Souvenirs page!
Christianlovs Mods and Apartment Life
Sadly enough, Christianlov has announced on his blog that he wont update his mods for Apartment Life. They were updated for Freetime last summer, but that will be the last version.
I am currently playing my apartments with his excellent All-In-One and Nanny NPC:s, and have some findings. First, if you have an A-I-O NPC in an apartment, do switch off "Pay Bills", as she/he wont find the postbox to pay it. And keep doors "unlocked" to apartments, the A-I-O wants to clean all the apartments and is very annoyed when she can't go there. I also switch off gardening and repairs, as that will be taken care of by the landlord.
The CL Nanny seems to work fine.
I will update my CL NPC Instructions after some more playing, with some tips and tricks to make the NPC:s work smoothly. And as far as I have seen they work just fine in normal houses and on community lots.
A little long between posts..
..I know, I know. The thing is that the comp I use for my picture editing is at the Computer Doctor, as it needed new fans and some other small repairs (like the main switch broken, lol). It will be back soon and then I will get lots of new pics in order.
Meanwhile, I am rebuilding old lots to apartments lot, which is actually a lot of fun. There will be three brand new apartment-gypsy-camps to present, and currently I am redoing the Castle Houses into apartments.
Windlebridge at Night
Just a pic of Windlebridge village, night time, and a pic of the Windle night sky :)
Windlebridge at Night
Night Sky
Social groups and classes
I have been working on implementing some of the new Apartment Life features in Windlebridge, in a customized way. The new social groups are very interesting, and with the help of the new door key mod at simlogical, they will be a part of the new more strict social group and class - system in Windlebridge, with a growing population.
The high society
Social group: Aristocrats (Socialites)
Rich families/families with noble titles/ or their close relatives
Magenta keys
Jobs (all the townie socialites must have jobs to stop them from getting silly maxi jobs): positions in the different facilities of the castle, like manager of the ballroom wing, the park, ect.
The church class
Priests, monks and nuns.
Red keys
Jobs: in churches and monasteries.
The merchant class
Social group: Merchants (Techs)
Rich families who became rich through trading/production of goods, without noble titles
Poorer merchants (owners of small shops, ect) can be members of the worker class
Blue keys
Jobs: managers of the businesses ect.
The military class
Social group: Mercenaries (Jocks) (military people of different origin, and their close relatives)
Officers and their families, soldiers
Yellow keys
Jobs: in the military facilities, in the castle, ect.
The working class
Social group: Workers (Gearheads)
Farmers, farm workers, miners, fishermen and sailors, and their families. Richer farmer families can also be merchants.
Green keys
Jobs: in different businesses of lower level
The bohemian/travelling class
Social group: Bohemians
Artists, musicians, dancers and such, gypsies.
Cyan keys
Jobs: artistic and such, musician, actor, dancer.
No keys
No keys at all for those who are not to visit any community lots or businesses, like the people in foreign countries.
I am in the process of giving the spawned social groups the appropriate clothing and keys, and I will also add some CAS made sims to make the groups bigger. There will be much rebuilding, the worker class (but for some farmers and shop-owners) will mainly live in rented housing, so I have to redo the miners' shacks and the farm cottages, and with time, the fishermens' shacks ect.
I will use the roomie function to get living space for those sims leaving home, before they get married, to avoid sims living all by themselves.
Soon I will show you some pictures :D
New expansion successfully installed
Just a small note, inbetween reports about the families - I successfully installed the new expansion, Apartment Life. I even built my first Apartment Lot, a double cottage - and so far it works fine. More reports to come, and pictures.
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